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Default TFT Battlemap: Coastal Keep

Hello, I've been fiddling with Shadekeep's Shamat (find it at and I came up with a map I'd like to share!
I set to design a quasi- or pseudo-historical keep or tower. I wanted it to be isolated and originally thought of locating it on a mountaintop, but later changed my mind because I wanted to include a couple of twists. Although small, it features a fully functional and very deadly gateroom and barbican. Another goal in the design was that every playable hex fits into a standard Wizard map.


The keep sits on top of a reef at the entrance of an important bay, and it's the centerpiece of the city's coastal defense. It houses up to six ballistas on top, and a squad of battle wizards is always on rotation in the island, both on sentry duty and for functional tasks like maintaining the magical lighthouse. In case of war, it can also quarter a small batallion of archers for aditional firepower and self-defense.
Its best defensive feature, however, is the tide.
As the tides can vary as much as five or six meters in the bay, the pier at the entrance of the tower can only be reached on high tide. With low tide, a small beach lies about six meters below it, and attackers would have to bring ropes and ladders just to get to the front door. But on high tide it's even more inexpurgable, as to go from the gateroom to the inside proper you have to go down a ladder and through the barbican, which has a low ceiling, two portculli, and can be filled with water, effectively cutting up any way in or out.

Base level has mostly storage rooms, latrines, the barbican, and the beaches. There are no windows because it gets half underwater when the tide rises.
First level has the pier, the gate and gateroom with arrow slits, main hall, mess room, kitchen, and so on. The triangle in the corridor is a lever to rise/lower the porculli below.
Second floor contains mostly living quarters but can be opened up into a loop/ring for a defensive setup. On the north tower is the mechanism that floods the barbican. On the east tower there are murderholes to the gateroom below, and machicolations (sp?) to the south overlook the pier.
The top floor doesn't have any rooms. The stairs lead (after bar gates) to an open roofed space. There's a column in the center. The yellow hexes represent the wooden roof, and the lighthouse is on top of it all.

I guess that's most of it, but if you have any questions ask away.
I'm also including the original Shadekeep files so you can modify them as you see fit, print some copies, or do whatever you want. Have fun :)


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