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Default Re: Which books should I buy for the Fantasy Trip RPG?

The Companion is not really another optional volume of rules which adds a lot to play. It's mostly a reprint of age-old articles for the original edition, which were never core/canon anyway. Nice to have, but adds little for the new player and may be confusing.

I would get the new Melee and Wizard boxes (and possibly Death Test), then In the Labyrinth, and you're pretty much all set. The Melee/Wizard Pocket Box is great too, and may be cheaper than getting the two separate boxes. But be aware of its smaller hexes and counters which are not supported by any other in-print products.

Since you're in Brazil and shipping for the mini-box games may be an issue, just ITL will be fine, but be ready to print up some home-made counters and maps. I really do recommend the experience of playing through Melee and Wizard first, if possible, but ITL is not hard to learn straight up.

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