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Default Re: [Game] Animate a Monster Hunters Setting

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
From the GM's perspective and considering the time period, are you all sure you want to rule out the possibility that monsters might exist in and come from other, barely explored, poorly mapped and inhospitable, locations in the world, like Darkest Africa (all but infinite pulp, horror and adventure fiction source materials), Antartica (Poe, Lovecraft, The Thing), remote tropical islands or South African jungles (innumerable sources) or the oceanic depths (vast number of sources)?
Those are of course valid sources, and would be handy to use in a complete kitchen-sink style setting. The challenge of this format though, is to take what we've got and see how far it gets us in a particular direction. We haven't decided anything about why the monsters came out of the Himalayas yet, we don't know if any of those other origins would be necessary.

I had a couple of ideas as to why but the thread has already gone in a different direction, so it's interesting to see what will come up instead.
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