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Default [Game] Animate a Monster Hunters Setting

It's been a few months since the last one, so let's raise the rooftop lightning conductors into the darkening sky and animate a new setting!

This is a collaborative setting construction forum game. The objective is to use our shared talents to put together a setting that could be used with the GURPS: Monster Hunters series.

The method is to answer a posted question about the setting, then post a question of your own. Build bit-by-bit on what the other posters have written, and try not to contradict anything that's been established. Questions can be anything from the very general to extremely specific, complex or simple, and can follow on from what's gone before or start off a new direction.

As a Monster Hunters setting, the premise is basically that:
- for most everyone, the world is a mundane, non-magical place
- in truth, there are monsters living secretly in the world that threaten the populace
- there are high-powered characters (~400 CP) that oppose these monsters and try to eliminate them without revealing their existence to the general public
- various groups, such as cults, covens, gangs, secret labs, corporate research bodies and top secret government agencies, may know about the secret and each has their own agenda regarding the monsters

For the purposes of this thread:
- We don't need to feel too restricted by everything in GURPS: MH. Consider it a toolkit.
- We don't need to make a kitchen-sink setting that includes every possible kind of monster or hunter template in the sourcebooks- a tightly focussed setting with just one or two monsters or power sources could work just as well. On the other hand, the more stuff in the blender, the better too.
- In general, try to build off one another and work to include everyone's efforts into the setting as it's built.
- However, we'll try out a new rule for this kind of game:
If you feel someone's contribution won't work for whatever reason, make a reasoned case for it and we can consider revising or removing it, if necessary.
- We'll start off with one question and answer per post, but we'll allow more when we have some of the setting basics settled.
- To make it easier to read through, clearly mark questions and answers in bold, and quote the question you're answering, in the below format. Also try to use line breaks to break up wall-of-text answers.

Post format:
Originally Posted by (E)
Question 8) How big are the sewer crocodiles?
Answer 8- Sewer Crocs
Most are the size of normal crocs, but King Croc, who lives in the flooded subway station, is the size of a train carriage and has 10 legs and jaws like a refrigerator door.

Question 9
What's the name of the flooded subway station?

If you want to see some previous efforts, here's a list:
World Wikis:
Cyberpunk: Duopoly Nation
Fantasy: Dominion Cross
Space Opera: Behind the King's Eclipse
Steampunk: Colonial Steam

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