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Default Re: [Game] Collaborative world building for DFRPG.

Wow! I gotta say, I loved that idea of each district having a patron God for a large city!!! Thats a sweet idea that I never thought of!!!

I must confess, all the details that Im giving here are actually part of a HUGE setting that me and a friend of mine made many, many years ago. We delved into the economics, politics, religion, and even traced more than 5.000 years of historical events for a continent like Europe.

Those ideas I placed are some of the initial ideas of our setting, but I dont wanna make that a monopoly of mine, so I'll stay with what I already seeded and get the feedback in order to get a colaborative idea. So, from now on, all only go with the flow and post new ideas based on what follows.

But I loved the idea of patron gods for different districts, that can give a huge color for a very diverse and unorthodox city, where each district is an image of their patron.... Thats amazing.

Keep with that idea, I can see the underground city of the evil dark elves in my world where each district is protected by one of their dark gods... Hmmm...

Just one more question (in my setting I had an answer to that, but I wanna other opinions)

Question 13) - what event led the Half Orcs to earn the right to have a presence in the city's council?
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