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Default Re: [Game] Collaborative world building for DFRPG.

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Question 2) A delving party has just returned from a nearby abandoned mine and wants to unload their loot, where should they go?
Browbert the Blacksmith buys and sells armor but prefers coin to gems and jewelry as he also fancies himself a yellow/gold smith and is not above alloying and minting his own counterfit coins in leaner times.

A broad chested bald man who's keeps no facial hair as its to easy to singe in the heat.

His sister farms not far outside of town and has a large tract of rugged and rocky, but fertile land that does well in the grape/wine harvest.

He ahas two crescent shaped scars on the top and bottom of his ham-bone forearms that appear to tell the tale of a viscious bite.

Question 4 - Does he get his 'raw' materials (ore) from a local mine, melting down salvage or through som other means?

p.s. If Im not doing this right (E) let me know and Ill fix it :)

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