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Default Re: Report To The Stakeholders

Originally Posted by Steve Jackson
Hrm. That would value the company at less than three million dollars . . . Yeah, *I* would buy some of that too :-)
Well then, what would you put that IPO level at?
I was also suggesting that you could draw in capital for specific projects.

In other words, say you had a great idea about licensing/purchasing some Intellectual Property, game, etc., and rereleasing it as an SJGames product. You're pretty sure it'll pay out mid-to-long term, but you know that'll take some immediate capital which you can't pull away from other needs at the moment.

You announce the project, create the SJGames Investment Company, draw in the capital investment to create the necessary fund and go from there. Just remember to pay us our dividends.

Originally Posted by Steve Jackson
I'm not saying I'd never sell out, but I think we're worth more than that. Uh oh, I bet THAT starts a thread!
Besides, there's a big difference between pulling in investment capital and selling out.

I know I for one would be feel quite comfortable in buying a few shares as part of a project you're working on; however, I'd be much more hesitant to buy any shares if that meant you're selling out.
It is your name on the product after all. *grin*
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