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Default Re: Possible Neoprene Overlays?

First, my elevator pitch

You're not sure if there is enough interest to support production of neoprene overlays. Hey, we've surprised you before! Remember the uncertainty over whether M1 would sell enough or not?

Now, the formal pitch

Drew, and other illustrious Powers That Be:

Whereas, we now have a goodly sized, and growing, collection of mats that are not entirely geomorphic;

And whereas, the design plan was intended that they needed some overlay help to adjust a fair number of the possible layouts;

And whereas, it is the oft-stated desire of the Powers That Be and of the community as a whole to develop and publish scenarios to be played upon these mats;

And whereas, a set of overlays designed specifically to allow for a common standard for correcting irregularities in the geomorphic possibilities of mat layout would facilitate scenario design and playability by the whole community;

Then therefore, it is in the best interests of all that such a set of overlays be developed and made available to the community, within financial prudence to the Powers That Be.

If producing and selling a neoprene set of overlays designed for this purpose should prove to be financially imprudent, then providing a pdf version that community members may reproduce as they will on whatever desired material(s) they should choose would still be of great practicality to have a set of standardised overlays for scenario design.

Back to the elevator

If a funding campaign for neoprene overlays falls short, then the pdf could still be released and we can go get our own printed individually at a higher cost.

Now I need to go get my second cuppa kava for the morning.
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