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Default Re: Indiegogo: Ogre Miniatures Set 3 - Doppelsoldner and Ogre Mark VI

There are likely too many variables, such as the switch of platforms, whatís being offered, and how itís being offered to make any concrete comparisons. To ignore the fact that there are clearly numbers of people displeased with it being on Indiegogo is foolish, though. And frankly, Phil, despite being asked several times, the answer of ĎBecause, reasons.í is not going to make anyone concerned about it more reassured. You donít owe us anything more, and I understand that - but Iím not sure you understand that you have upset at least some of the games already limited number of supporters with this move. Even if they trust SJG, they do not want to give any money to indiegogo.

That said, I expect the campaign to succeed - and probably be the least supported Ogre crowdfunding effort to date, too. Where they go from there, I suppose weíll find out. Most likely, itíll be without me, too. This might be the point where the fork in the road comes up between Ogre and I.
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