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Allowing to pull from any number of energy sources is a bit odd. I'd personally add the caveat that they must all be the same type of energy source, or only allowing personal reserves to be tapped for free.
It's more for being able to have the mage gather some energy, realize they need 3 more to get the spell off the ground and instead of waiting a turn can just tap into their mana or FP pool and make up the difference to fire the spell off this turn.

It also allows going all Mana/FP and one gather attempt for the spell that needs to happen NOW if the caster is willing to be totally out of reserves in later scenes.

(I could be reading the rules incorrectly on needing one second per tapping of different energy sources)

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RPM is already quite powerful, and pushing broken. But I don't think your changes affect that much.
Yeah, I am a little leery on seeing what it can do and will partially combat its flexibility by splitting up some of the paths to make a total of 12 instead of 9. I also plan on not allowing players to purchase the Connection part of Adept and maybe not let them take the Sacred Space part as well.
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Congrats! You win the no-prize.
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