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Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
There seems to be two different types of of volunteers, though, since some stuff ends up in the data updates and some others are just on the repository. It isn't very transparent to me what the difference is, or how you volunteer to do the files that go in the data update as opposed to just posting stuff on the repository.
In general, any file which is reasonably complete and for an official book can be included in a data update. The files have to filter through me, which means that I have to have the time to go over the files to try to ensure quality. The best way for a volunteer author to make sure that the files for an official book make it into the official data update is to communicate and work with me as they work on the files.

Files in the repository, OTOH, can be uploaded by anyone and are not checked except by the original author and anybody who uses them.

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
Also given that this is a new game, and they are trying to aim it for players new to GURPS, maybe this should have been a project that you got comps in advance for and even got paid, but I can understand how that may not have happened. Perhaps in the future Kickstarters of Powered by GURPS games could include the GCA files as at least a stretch goal?
I would describe myself as a "well paid volunteer." Generally, I get comps of all of the books as they are released in PDF, but that's all that SJGames gives me for working on GCA. This allows me to work on the data files as well as work with other volunteers, since I can't really help the volunteers or ensure quality of the data files if I don't have the book at all. But if you were to add up all the hours I've put in on GCA against the price of those PDFs I'm still volunteering my time for far less than minimum wage.

This is why I couldn't be overly helpful with the Discworld RPG data files when Phil Masters was working on it, because the PDF release was delayed and I simply didn't have the book. This is also why I haven't really been able to work on the DFRPG, because the retail version of the PDFs haven't been released on e23 and I didn't buy them as part of the Kickstarter, so I don't have the PDFs yet (and I don't like working directly from printed books). I have no knowledge of why and no comment as to why SJGames hasn't prioritized getting the data files taken care of.
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