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Default Re: CGA and Dungeon Fantasy RPG

I understand.

I can't really comment on SJGames, their thinking or procedures.

All data files are basically written by volunteers. This time around, it seems one particular volunteer was willing to sit down and write pretty much all of the info for GCS, but nobody has done that yet for GCA.

I can't control that. And when such things rest on volunteers, I'm afraid that's what'll happen at times.


P.S. I bought the books (but don't have the PDFs), and hope to run a DFRPG game at some point. But, I also just moved house, and 90% of what I own is still in boxes. Because my new place is rather smaller than my old one, even unpacking is rather difficult, so it'll take a long time. Plus, I still have to do the day job. Even though I would be willing to sit down and do data files, I simply don't have the time to even read the books right now.
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