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Default Re: Swords and plate

I'm telling y'all, Super Edge Protection is the way to go if you're concerned about swinging swords being to effective against armor, and how slipping a few points of impaling damage through armor at a time is ridiculous.

Crushing damage against armor is unchanged.

Impaling damage needs to beat 2xDR: otherwise, anything over DR is converted to crushing. If impaling damage reaches the threshold, though, it's all impaling: either it manages a bit of blunt trauma, or it punches through and ruins your day.

Cutting damage is as above, but it needs to beat 3xDR. How strong do you need to be to cut through chainmail? Crazy strong.

These are the thresholds for mail, scale, and other non-plate metal armor. Fibrous armor (paper, straw, cloth etc) is good against impaling, rubbish against cutting. Leather armor is good against cutting, rubbish against impaling. Plate armor is like mail, but just better. There's a reason a suit of light plate costs $3,000. But if you wanted to multiply plate DR by 2/3, it would still be damn fine armor.

Oh, and someone mentioned how good axes are at chopping braced targets? It turns out most things are, so give AD(2) to all attacks against a prone opponent from above.
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