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Washington D.C., 2000:

The Supreme Court, after much debate, finds that cutting the Florida recount short would be pantamount to dictating the result of the election, and instead allows them to continue. After an extended lame-duck presidency by Clinton, Al Gore enters office, to loud comparisons to Nixon.

Gore's presidency is unremarkable; of minor note is continuance of Clinton-era antiterrorism efforts that result in the capture of several Muslim extremists in late 2001. Gore's more well-known efforts revolve around a campaign to advance solar power, and as a result, when he leaves office in 2004, he's mainly remembered as the Geek President.

The republican president that followed him ran on a campaign of lowering military spending for a more efficient government, and reducing illegal immigration. An economic crisis and housing bubble in 2006 is blamed largely on Democratic housing policy.

Between then and now, the United States and other nations view terrorism as a police matter rather than a military one, and the US in particular grows somewhat isolationist.

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