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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
I was thinking posture/direction but on 2nd thought those are already present costs that evasion stacks with.

So I guess perhaps giving some kind of 'extra effort' options for evasion, like maybe a +2 like defenses can enjoy.
I'd say that's more like extra effort for an attack, but yeah, that's a possibility on the table. It will still cost extra AP though.

I suppose it would be something like, if someone could use steps to make no-attack slams, they could try that using All-Out-Defense, and then not even bother trying a Defensive Attack at all, unless Defensive Attack slams were somehow better than "step slams".

Although I guess if you used Defensive Attack's step to do a short-range slam you could use your other attack some other way (grab/punch) or maybe to do a 2nd slam.

2 slams against the same target in a single turn seems off somehow though. I wouldn't be surprised if it was banned somewhere.
I wouldn't think that steps would be capable of automatic slams. I've been maintaining steps are a different kind of movement, and I think that helps with resolving this. At close combat distance, I think the effort of a step just keeps you in contact with your foe, and anything likely to damage or move him takes enough effort and coordination to be considered an attack.

Well the idea I had would be to add thrust-based slam damage to attackers (since it is intentional, it uses ST) and then you add the usual HP-based collision damage both ways too. This would also make slams more attractive as an attack because they're sort of biased against low-HP attackers who end up suffering more.
So you want to double up slam damage? I don't disagree that in gurps pushes, shoves, and collisions can be rather tame, especially at the man to man level, but I think that gives the character with higher ST a distinct disadvantage from the default rules, and this is a house rule, so it falls into the "maybe next fight" category.
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