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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

An attempt to evade is certainly an attempt to get into the hex behind.

I think slam damage is special for the amount of force it imparts compared to the small amount of damage it does.

If the kick connects and does damage you're going to loose AP equal to the damage. If we want to count that as deceleration AP I think that's fine.

Evade and slam don't cost AP because they're movement though: they cost AP because they're attacks. slam more obviously so, but evade involves a lot more complex movement than simply going through their square.

I'd say that resisting an Evade can result in contact. It often does, and I'd say that if the evader wants contact then a successful resistance will involve it every time. I'm not sure about the other cases.

I'm cool with a failed evade attempt resulting in deceleration.
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