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Extrapolated from Go Tell the Spartans and other books of Falkenberg's legion by Jerry Pornelle:

The planet Sparta is a constitutional dual monarchy. The Kings as a practical matter divide responsibilities, but must both agree to any action. Typically one handles internal affairs and the other external affairs. Effectively each can veto the other. Each heir is approved upon their majority by the Senate sitting as a Kingsmoot. The Senate enacts laws for ratification by both kings. Citizens earn their status similar to Heinlein's Starship Troopers. Even natural born residents must earn citizenship to vote.

At the end of the series, upon Earth's destruction, one of the kings is selected by the local remnants of Earth's military, local forces and others to become emperor of a coalition of some of Earth's colonies. They never really explain what sort of interstellar government is created tho some books set farther in the future give hints.

I always envisioned an empire continuing the "two kings" tradition. The emperor is one king of each planet, represented by a viceroy, who handles "external affairs" and the other link is a locally selected planetary ruler... king, president, headman, whatever.... thus giving the illusion of home rule, but with the emperor having the power to intercede if necessary.
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