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Default Re: Options for GURPS Banestorm - 11 years later

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Because mystics are already in banestorm. They acquire abilities through "Study, meditation, and physical deprivation". There is a template for them on page 212, and it sinks 14 points into Theology and Philosophy. It also demands Disciplines of Faith, and suggests using the pact limitation.

It also has a section starting on page 26 where it describes the abilities. It gives several possible explanations, the problems with those explanations, and makes it abundantly clear the power is connected to religious fervor. It states that true faith is one of the abilities and that the abilities are unaffected by mana levels.

The personal element is there, but is it supplied by a diety or by the supplicant? The Suffi mystic has a very particular idea of what god is like, and its different from what the Megalan Hermit believes. And yet both get personalized interaction with their deity, who conforms to their expectations (or just tweaks it a little), and the Nomad Shaman gets the gods he's looking for.

This "field" is apparently capable of acting like more than one individual. Yes, this leaves you running divine favor with a force who "acts" like one thing locally but is really another globally. But it doesn't shatter agnosticism, because it doesn't seem to favor one faith over another.

The mystics as presented in GURPS Banestorm are very ambiguous and subtle. There's a big difference between being able to use internal abilities like Visualization and literally having God as a Patron.
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