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Default Re: Options for GURPS Banestorm - 11 years later

Originally Posted by Michael Cule View Post
I'd certainly not want to use Divine Power of any sort on Yrth. The setting is specifically agnostic. Your Yrth will vary of course and mine certainly does.

A system book I'd like would be something to clarify the 'spirit' based magic of Sahud.
I'd use Path/Book magic for that (Thaumatology pp121-165), since it's based on the magic system from GURPS Spirits, itself based on the one from GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War (both from 3e). Thaumatology also has a Critical Spell Failure Table for Spirit-based magic (p260). Since I'm not in love with the standard spell system, I'd probably use Path/Book magic for spellcasting in general, perhaps using mostly Paths for Sahud, and mostly Books for the Empire and their satellite states (probably including Abydos) - not sure about al-Haz and al-Wazif, but might use one for one of them, and the other for the other.

Elves and possibly dwarves I think would use Paths (if the dwarves don't use Symbol Drawing, as I would have some or most mages in the Nomad Lands do), and goblins (and probably the gnomes and halflings) would most likely use whatever is prevalent where they live. Less sure about the other sophont races, though the more literally nomadic ones would be less likely to use Ritual Space (which might just mean that their mages naturally or through training have Path/Book Adept for it).

Originally Posted by Michael Cule View Post
But then I'd like a book for Sahud in general. Also one for the Empire, please!
I agree with this, though the main book has enough emphasis on the Megalan Empire that I would put that on a lower priority, unless a Megalan-specific book was needed before the Caithness-, Cardiel-, and Araterre-specific books could be published, due to the way they would be written.
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