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Default Re: Options for GURPS Banestorm - 11 years later

Gods become partially limited by universe. The Christian God is the creator and arbiter of Earth's universe and has unlimited power there, but on Yrth God's power to keep out other spirits and demons is not absolute. (He obviously sent Earthlings there to do battle with the evil spirits there.) Muslims and Jews can have similar views. In Yrth's universe, those other gods and spirits actually exist and have power, but God is the Rightful and Righteous Lord.

The Sahudese and those with other, disparate belief systems will believe, meanwhile, that there is no difference between Earth and Yrth as far as gods go, except that they may be a little freer to show themselves and their power. The Jewish/Christian/Muslim god is just one of many. A powerful one, to be sure, but not the only one, just as he wasn't back on Earth.

Under this model, any god, even the Judeo-Christian God, would have a finite number of character points. You don't need to actually work out how much they have, since they're NPCs. Unless you're planning on running a Gods of Yrth campaign, in which case I recommend you keep the Judeo-Christian God an NPC anyway.
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