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Default In play vs. out of play

I have a question about cards being "in play" vs. "out of play." The rules state that all face-down cards are out of play, but this does not affect targeting of said cards. This has me wondering about a couple things related to face down cards in the stash:
1) Do cards that gain abilities from cards in the stash gain those abilities if the card in the stash is face-down? For example, does the ability on the Cleric card Leecher trigger from other Leechers that are face-down in the stash?
2)Can I blindly target a face down card in the stash? Say for example I ran from an attack on my opponent's turn and that card is now face-down in their stash. Let's say I've been paying attention to what they've been throwing at me and am pretty sure they weren't cheating and it is a monster that is face-down in their stash. Can I target that card with an ability or card? Example: Could I use the Wizard's Kaboom! to deal damage to a face-down card in the stash that I'm pretty sure is a monster?
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