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Default Re: [Game] Generate a military sci-fi setting

One discrepancy I noticed:

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How well occupied are the other planets and moons in the solar system?
Every solid body that's obtained a hydrostatic equilibrium classified as a terrestrial planet, moon, or dwarf planet in the system has at least one pressure/environmental dome colony, save for Venus. In addition, there are O'Neill cylinder and/or Stanford torus stations in every L4 and L5 position for the major planets, and possibly a few of the minor ones.
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Jupiter and Saturn are largely claimed by the Alien factions, as a result humans have some additional difficulty gaining access to large amounts of water beyond the belt. In fact system wide water is a valuable commodity with many prolonged skirmishes being fought over large ice asteroids.

The heavier elements are too be expected a valuable resource. Various Armour and Gravity drive components are impossible to make without certain materials. Hydrocarbons are becoming increasingly rare with earth being off limits legally speaking.
Given that "every solid body that's obtained hydrostatic equilibrium (save Venus, way too hot)" includes four of Jupiter's moons, seven of Saturn's, five of Uranus's, and one or two of Neptune's, plus something like 20 KBOs and sednoids that are either dwarf planets or candidates for dwarf planet status, and that humanity was emigrating well before the Alien Diaspora occurred, would the aliens truly dominate the entirety of Jupiter's and Saturn's orbits, or would there plenty of contact between the two Belts (asteroid and Kuiper) as far as raw materials?
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