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Default Re: [Game] Generate a military sci-fi setting

Originally Posted by (E) View Post
Jupiter and Saturn are largely claimed by the Alien factions, as a result humans have some additional difficulty gaining access to large amounts of water beyond the belt.
Again, I hope you don't mind if I logic check something here.

If we had 120 million aliens arrive 200 years ago, and arriving in a very disadvantageous position, being basically zoo animals without their own tech base who were then granted refuge or asylum on their arrival, they would need somewhat substantial advantages to be in a position of significant power now. Population-wise, given a growth rate of 1% per year, comparable to the current human population growth rate, 200 years would only give them 870 million souls. This is less than 0.1% of the one trillion humans we have living here (suggesting the year is around 2500, by the way, using the same growth rate. Handy population calculator here.) And as there are 12 alien races to spread this around, each alien nation is only a fraction of that.

What advantages could they have to allow a disproportionate power base?

- Accelerated reproduction rate?
The 1% growth rate above is an average over various bust and boom periods, whereas for the aliens this could be a 200 year long boom period, as they quickly expand into a new available habitat. They could also biologically be faster reproducers.
At 3% they get a population of 44 billion, 4% gives 306 billion, while 5% yields 2 trillion... For comparison, it seems the human population growth rate peaked at about 2% in the 1960s, but it could drop down to 0.1% in 2100 according to UN projections.

- Advanced tech base?
Perhaps they weren't just living in gilded cages, but were bringing with them their own civilisations' libraries of tech, and then built everything up with cross-pollination between the other races on their millennia-long journey. What they broadcast to humanity before their arrival were but a few tidbits of the tech they have.

- Greater solar energy independence?
Human colonies prefer to be closer to the sun, while the alien colonies can survive more easily at greater distances. They have solar-independent power sources? This isn't convincing for me yet, as humans should have access to at least somewhat advanced nuclear power.

- Those psychic powers?

- Political unity?
All 12 races might see themselves as one nation, particularly after their millennia living together in the same closed box. The human nations are more fractionated than even when they were all on Earth, and getting them to cooperate properly is like herding wet cats up a hill with a pointy stick. Before they knew it, Jupiter and Saturn had been occupied and blockaded by the alien nation.

Question 26
What else could be considerations?
Which one of the above has the most interesting or desirable implications for the setting?

Question 27
I've used a naive average growth rate of 1% for the human population to reach 1 trillion by 2500 AD. This also assumes that the alien population isn't a significantly large proportion of the population. Should we take these numbers as is, or go with a more conservative growth rate- due to the many challenges of building a deep-space civilisation- and thus set the current year at a later point?
And incidentally, what is the alien population?

Sorry for flouting the question-answer rules here. Q25 is an open question though, so we might need some questions to keep the question stream flowing.
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