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Answer 23
Question 24
Amateurs study tactics while professionals study logistics. What kind of logistical problems and solutions are involved in interplanetary warfare?
Even with gravity drives the distances involved in conflict create a headache for those involved with supplying the troops. To alleviate some of the problems it is extremely common for groups to operate micro-factories and military printers in close proximity to the action. While not perfect these systems can steadily produce a basic level of equipment sufficient to keep a force operating. In prolonged engagements without resupply this can lead to the troops being completely reliant on locally printed equipment. Higher tech lasers, gyrocs, vehicles and coil guns generally need more specialized parts than a micro-factory can produce so the older fall backs come into use, caseless RGE series assault carbines, E.T.C. BRPR units and even cased AK series rifles.

Some of the more distant campaigns have seen innovative deployment of micro-factories. On the ice fields of Neptune, mecha/infantry units are often seen with "mama bear" mechs, part APC, part supply depot.

Mercenary contracts usually result in the soldiers getting supplies from both their own organization and their contract holder. Getting the supplies from the later can be problematic in some circumstances, so many units employ specialist facemen (women) and "organizers" to ensure supplies get through.

Meta Answer 1
Ok the game will be Monster Hunters IN SPACE!, aliens, genemods, sentient robots and Psychics are some of the opposition. Your unit has been recruited from the various special forces and elite mercenaries that exist in the system and is supported by a detachment of seasoned Gurkhas.

Question 25, open
Several factions and groups have been around since the twentieth century, how have they adapted to the current environment? Tell us about one.
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