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Default Re: How much stuff can a hireling carry?

The Loud Hairy Alien gives you four Hands, but it does not carry and use any Items for you. Since the other player had no Big Item in play, they were allowed to put a Big Item in play.

Regardless, all Hirelings that do use and carry Items can carry and use a Big Item as long as that Item is otherwise legal for that Hireling to use. For example, the Wizard Hireling can use any Item that is Wizard only, and any Item that doesn't restrict it from being used by a Wizard. Size has nothing to do with the Class, Race, or sex restrictions of what those kinds of Hirelings can carry and use. So, the Wizard Hireling can use Huge Rock and Sneaky Bastard Sword just as much as it could use Pointy Hat of Power or Staff of Napalm, but neither Short Wide Armor (Dwarf only) nor Mithril Armor (not usable by Wizard).
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