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Default Going Celestial through Dreams and returning to Earth

FYI, I use GURPS In Nomine, but my question is more about how the setting works, so should be ruleset independent.

A celestial on Earth in a vessel can enter a person's dream through songs or attunements (e.g., from Blandine). This typically involves their vessel going into a sleep-like trance, and their celestial bodies going into the dream. This effect has a limited duration, after which the celestial is forced out of the dream and back into its vessel.

While in the dream, a celestial with the right skill (in GURPS, it's Lucid Dreaming) can exit the dreamscape, effectively entering the Vale of Dreams within the Ethereal Marshes. The celestial is then free to roam the Marshes, and could, for example, go to another random dream, Asgard or Olympus.
- Can the Celestial now stay within the Marshes indefinitely, or will it still be forced back to its body when the original song/attunement ends?
The celestial can now even travel to the celestial realms, such as by going to Blandine's tower and entering Heaven.
- Same question. Is this indefinite or does the celestial get pulled back into its vessel when the duration ends?
- In the case of the latter, is this an automatic escape clause? Could an angel on Earth go through a dream, enter the Marshes, then enter Hell, do what it needs to do and, even it caught, will escape when it returns to its vessel? (Granted, the odds of it making it into Hell within the duration of the song are practically nil, but would it theoretically be possible?)
Now for the more interesting questions (for me anyway). While in Heaven, the celestial with his sleeping vessel on Earth now uses a tether and goes back to Earth. What happens?
- Does the celestial's original vessel currently in a trance disappear and re-appear when the celestial arrived at the tether?
- If the celestial has a second vessel, can it appear in the second vessel instead? If it can use a second vessel, does the original sleeping vessel disappear? If the original vessel doesn't disappear, does that mean the new vessel disappears when the duration ends and the celestial arrives back in the original sleeping vessel?
If there are clear rules for this somewhere, I'd appreciate a book reference as well.

Thanks in advance.
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