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Default Re: Official Rules Update and FAQ (Draft versions 1.01 - June 21)

To further clarify (based on the artwork seen in Ogre to date):

Ogres ram because of their huge size and very impressive ground clearance, they are literally driving up on top of, and over opposing armor, crushing it, and lose treads for doing so -- they should lose more than the rules allow, but that's the game structure (think of every movie you can remember where a tank runs over a car in the street, or that incident in San Diego a few decades ago where a tank was stolen and careened wildly through the streets).

Everything else in Ogre has little to almost no ground clearance, and is ramming at the same level -- mainly direct impact damage (think car crashes here). Intentional tank to tank ramming to do damage will leave no one unscathed, and neither side wins, it's a desperation move.
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