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Default Re: Official Rules Update and FAQ (Draft versions 1.01 - June 21)

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
The 6.02 Ogres ramming SHVY exception also applies to 8.05.2, correct?

Overall, considering the remaining provisions of 8.05.2 and 8.05.3, I think that those sections mean the following and no more:
* Any unit which could legally ram a unit or building during regular movement may ram at the end of its first fire round, with normal effects. A result of D is treated as an X. An Ogre ramming an armor unit is undamaged.

Applying that logic to the SHVY provisions of 6.02, it seems like the result of an Ogre ramming a SHVY in overrun would be something like:
* SHVY (as armor) suffers upgraded 1-1 attack -- X on 3-6, NE on 1-2. No tread damage to Ogre.
* SHVY (as Ogre) suffers upgraded 1-1 attack plus loses some dice of treads per Size Table. Ogre loses one die of treads.

I don't like the "Ogre is undamaged" provision -- that seems out of place.
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