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A swordbearer is someone who has the right to bear a sword. This is not as simple as that. What it really means is to bear it in the presence of the monarch. It is of course tied down (unless the monarch orders that it not be which is considered a bonus compliment) and only the rulers guard are allowed modern ranged weapons. But the sword though highly polished and often with a stylized sheath is usually quite capable of combat. Great noblemen and dignitaries as well as ordinary citizens with some accomplishment or other are swordbearers.

Some prefer icons of the vocation in which they distinguish themselves. Such as a cauducus for doctors, etc. These are still called swordbearers and still have the right to wear a sword in the monarchs court though may only do so when it is bestowed.
An alternative (though not incompatible) tradition. Important People carry a locket describing their claim to Importance and a key. Each Claim is carried on a gold keychain. Thus Important People are known by the slang term Danglers.
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