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Default Re: Twilight Struggle?

Late bump, but thought I'd post it in case there's anybody still reading this.

The proper rules for the points I mentioned are:
  • UN Intervention, if used for the power, adds no OPs. In the unlikely event that you cannot or do not wish to use it for the power, it's a 1-OP card.
  • Bear Trap and Quagmire do indeed carry over across turns.
  • The "Chinese Civil War" square is used only for one variant of the game, which almost nobody ever plays.
  • Cancel/Prevent is still not clarified to date. In the digital implementation of the game by Playdek, some events do both despite the card saying only "cancel" (e.g. De Gaulle Leads France), and other cards only cancel but don't prevent (e.g. Quagmire).
  • "Free coups" ignore DEFCON and do not award Military Ops. But they do degrade DEFCON if they're done in a battleground state.
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