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Default Re: Decks of Destiny - Late April

Originally Posted by philreed View Post
We are doing a terrible job of promoting this. (To which _I_ am the one doing a terrible job.)

If they want to preorder the hardcover of In the Labyrinth, it is a part of the Hexagram preorders that close very soon:
Phil, I know there is now a logistical division between SJG and W23 on Kickstarter, but the TFT KS was brought out before this. So just for the record, will we ever be able to direct potential players to a link where they can directly purchase TFT Legacy Edition products such as Melee, Wizard, the M/W Pocketbox, ITL hard or softcover, and the full TFT box set or are they only available by asking a local game shop to order it?
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