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Default Re: [GAME] Assemble a Space Station!

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Answer 4

No, the space station predates the evolution of the natives by several million years. Despite its age, the station is in perfect condition due to its overseeing AI. At one billion metric tons, its tertiary weapon batteries are capable of cutting battleships into sushi and it can create a dreadnought in just 1 day with its SM+20 nanofactory. Despite its unwillingness to discuss its past, it is always open for business.
Let's try to keep the answers at least tangential to the question.

Anyway, so SM+20 would mean it's 5000 yards long as a cylinder, or a 2500 yard diameter if it's spherical. Feel free to post any other stats that might be relevant.

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
Question 7 (STN/SET)

What TL is the station, and what, if any, variations from that "standard" TL are in play? (1d roll: 4)
Answer 7 [SET/STN]- Tech Levels
It's a hodgepodge of different techs from TL 9 and TL 10 bolted onto the TL11 foundation. The AI is the centuries old TL9 archaeo-compu-linguistics research mainframe that managed to interface with the base's TL11 precursor weapons and factory modules, as well as a few other systems. That is, most things are either the base TL10 of the wider setting, legacy TL9 infrastructure, or unlocked precursor bits and bobs. Not all the TL11 stuff can be properly interfaced with for various physical and computational reasons.


Question 8 [STN]
What physiological peculiarities did the precursor race have that make it difficult to properly interface with their technology and architecture? (roll d6: 1 sentence! Haha~~!)

Question 9 [SET]
Is similar precursor tech widely distributed or is it unique to New Hong Kong? (d6: 2 sentences)
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