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Default [GAME] Assemble a Space Station!

"Systems status report, if you will, Mr C__."
"Yes, Captain. We have some damage to life support which will need repairs pretty damn quick."
"I see. That could prove tricky. Computer, query: nearest repair facilities?"
"The closest equipped facility is Starport 2-Ophelia-Zero."
Captain J__ swore. "Completely out of the question. Next option?"
"The next closest equipped facility is Vista Camus Dock."
"No good, that's in the wrong direction. What's else is there?"
"It is 2 days at standard speed, but the next available repair facility is…"


This is a collaborative setting construction forum game. The objective is to combine our shared talents to build a space station for your team of space adventurers to rest, recuperate, repair, restock and research at. Simultaneously, we'll build the larger setting the space station exists in to inform us of what adventures are possible from it and which factions to align with while on it.

The method is to answer a posted question about the setting, then post a question of your own. Build bit-by-bit on what the other posters have written, and try not to contradict anything that's been established. Questions can be anything from the very general to extremely specific, complex or simple, and can follow on from what's gone before or start off a new direction.

Rapid Fire Rule- 1d6 Sentence Limit: For this iteration of the game, we'll be trying a new rule with the aim of getting short, quick answers with each post. For each question you pose, roll 1d6 and state the result. This will be the sentence limit for the answer to that question.

Tags: We'll start off with two streams of questions, tagged [STN], for questions about the space station itself, and [SET] for questions about the broader setting. Feel free to generate other question tags if you think a separate or more narrow topic requires them.


To make it easier to read through, clearly mark questions and answers in bold, and quote the question you're answering, in the below format.

Example of post format:
Originally Posted by Daigoro
Question 42 [STN]
What's the name of the harbour master? (1d6: 2 sentences)
Answer 42 [STN]
The harbour master is known only as Formelius. It is a hyperintelligent slime mould from Gragnus-6.

Question 43 [SET]
What is the standard currency in this sector? (1d6: 5 sentences)


Here's a list of previous collaborations:


I'll kick off with the first real questions in the next post.
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