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Default Re: Stories, Movies and Music to set the mood.

Volume 2, Number 6 of the comic Andromeda, published in 1979, was a special issue featuring stories written by Alan Dean Foster. One of the stories was, "Why Johnny Can't Speed," an inspiration for the AADA phrase, "Drive Offensively."

Andromeda (Comic)
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June 02, 2011

The soundtrack to the 2008 movie Death Race is great to play during Car Wars sessions. The CD was published as a limited release, therefore finding a physical copy may be difficult. The soundtrack was also released as a download.

Be careful if you listen to the Death Race Soundtrack during actual driving because you can have the tendency to increase your speed. :o)

The Death Race Soundtrack has a short, cool intro by Ian "Coach" McShane.

The Great Santini's I'76 Music Video" features Interstate '76 images set to Deep Purple's "Highway Star." The video is awesome.
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