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Default Re: Stories, Movies and Music to set the mood.

Originally Posted by owenmp View Post
Dear JimTullis,

Wow. Thank you for the excellent list. I was not aware of the anthology, "Death on Wheels." The book is now in my crosshairs for capture.

The Auto Assault Soundtrack, published on a CD for the former MMORPG, has very good music for tabletop car combat.

The music from Interstate '76, Interstate '76 Nitro Pack, Interstate '76 Official Game Soundtrack, and the Interstate '76 demo album Bullmark is great for driving both on a tabletop and on actual highways.

I have a few titles of books and movies that may interest you on the Web page below.

SWAT HQ - Automotive Combat Media Checklist
I had seen your list and then lost my link to it. Thanks for linking to it here.
I like how it's laid out with the different categories. You've put in a lot of great effort there.

I found Death on Wheels as an entry on ISFDB. I'm going to pick up a copy from Amazon soon. I've read a lot of it, but it will be handy having it all in one book.
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