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Default Should all spells be equally easy to learn?

Hi all,
Some talents are easy to learn, (Horsemanship for example) and others are hard (Artist / Calligrapher).

In the Experience thread, Steve wrote:
Originally Posted by Steve Jackson View Post
... Learning New Spells and Talents
Each new spell or talent learned costs 100 XP or 200 for talents marked (2) in the listing, or 300 for those marked (3). It does not matter how many spells or talents you already know. ...
Thus, spells ALWAYS take 100 XP to learn, but talents can cost up to 3 times that.



I would think that intellectually, learning a spell that twists reality; which can make the laws of physics sit up, beg, roll over, and play dead, would be harder than learning how to do artistry / calligraphy.

A spell could be written thus:
IQ 13
S Touch of Death (2)
When the wizard touches his or her victim...

(So touch of Death would be a Special spell which is twice as hard as a normal spell to learn.)

The spell would still fit in a single memory slot (or perhaps not, artist / calligraphy takes 3 memory slots after all).

Further there are a few spells that I think are too powerful or problematic in some way. (Discussed in next post.)

This thread is for discussing should some spells be harder to learn, if some spells should take up more than one memory slot, and talking about if some spells are too powerful and or problematic for some reason.

Warm regards, Rick.
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