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On the other hand, you're perfectly free to assume that the economy has an unlimited capacity to absorb monetary shocks. This is a fantasy campaign, right? One of the basic assumptions of fantasy thinking is that gold IS wealth . . .
For a fantasy game, I'd absolutely do that. I'm not sure I have [ever] seen a discussion of "inflation" in a fantasy context that wasn't openly or not very subtly hidden adversarial GMing looking for a way to nerf the too rich PCs. Taxes actually tend to be the same.

If you've given the PCs too much money for the game to still work, arbitrarily stripping it from them is a terrible solution, being an inevitable source of player anger and all too likely to fail anyway. Like so many of the things people try to solve by post-facto "in world" mechanics that are clearly targeted at the PCs, you'll get much better results if you just talk to your players out of game and negotiate some sort of across the board cut in their cash reserves, with or without an in game reason.
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