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Default Re: A Character keeps crashing GCA and other requests

Originally Posted by DreadDomain View Post
Thanks, I sent the file.
I found the problem in GCA, and sent back the character with Damage Resistance excised, and instructions on how to avoid the crashiness until the next version of GCA gets released.

Originally Posted by DreadDomain View Post
I finally found where it comes from. Pyramid 3/34 p.24 Extreme Damage.

"... the per-die damage bonuses for Brawling (+1/die) and Karate [and Boxing] (+2/die) can be overpowering. To mitigate this, consider capping them at +7 for Brawling or +14 for Karate [and Boxing]."

While I am not using extreme damage, I find this useful in a super game to call +1/die and +2/die bonuses at +7 and +14.
Let me add it to my To Do list, and give it some thought. I may be able to implement a setting to turn that kind of capping on and off.

If you want to know how to cap it on existing traits right now, give me an example trait and the file it's in, and I'll show you what has to be done to implement a limit on it in the data itself. Basically it's probably just going to be wrapping an @max() function around the current function returning the dice to count.
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