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Default Re: A Character keeps crashing GCA and other requests

Originally Posted by Armin View Post
Question: I'm not sure I've ever read where the idea of this progression comes from. Does it continue to use Xd+1 = Yd-1 and Xd+2 = Yd? or does it eschew that to use Xd+1 = Yd+3 and Xd+2 = Yd+4?

If the first, how does this look?

//   Starting this section will clear any existing 
//   basic damage items.
//   You must list the following items in order, because
//   GCA will not sort them, but it does search through
//   them in order.
//   st() is the score that Damage Base must be <= 
//   thr() is the basic thrust damage
//   sw() is the basic swing damage

st(1), thr(1d-6), sw(1d-4)
st(2), thr(1d-6), sw(1d-4)
st(3), thr(1d-5), sw(1d-3)
st(4), thr(1d-5), sw(1d-3)
st(5), thr(1d-4), sw(1d-2)

st(6), thr(1d-4), sw(1d-2)
st(7), thr(1d-3), sw(1d-1)
st(8), thr(1d-3), sw(1d-1)
st(9), thr(1d-2), sw(1d)
st(10), thr(1d-2), sw(1d)

st(11), thr(1d-1), sw(1d+1)
st(12), thr(1d-1), sw(1d+1)
st(13), thr(1d), sw(1d+2)
st(14), thr(1d), sw(1d+2)
st(15), thr(1d+1), sw(2d-1)

st(16), thr(1d+1), sw(2d-1)
st(17), thr(1d+2), sw(2d)
st(18), thr(1d+2), sw(2d)
st(19), thr(2d-1), sw(2d+1)
st(20), thr(2d-1), sw(2d+1)

st(21), thr(2d), sw(2d+2)
st(22), thr(2d), sw(2d+2)
st(23), thr(2d+1), sw(3d-1)
st(24), thr(2d+1), sw(3d-1)
st(25), thr(2d+2), sw(3d)

st(26), thr(2d+2), sw(3d)
st(27), thr(3d-1), sw(3d+1)
st(28), thr(3d-1), sw(3d+1)
st(29), thr(3d), sw(3d+2)
st(30), thr(3d), sw(3d+2)

st(31), thr(3d+1), sw(4d-1)
st(32), thr(3d+1), sw(4d-1)
st(33), thr(3d+2), sw(4d)
st(34), thr(3d+2), sw(4d)
st(35), thr(4d-1), sw(4d+1)

st(36), thr(4d-1), sw(4d+1)
st(37), thr(4d), sw(4d+2)
st(38), thr(4d), sw(4d+2)
st(39), thr(4d+1), sw(5d-1)

st(40), thr(4d+1), sw(5d-1)
st(45), thr(5d), sw(5d+2)
st(50), thr(5d+2), sw(6d)
st(55), thr(6d), sw(6d+2)
st(60), thr(7d-1), sw(7d+1)
st(65), thr(7d+1), sw(8d-1)
st(70), thr(8d), sw(8d+2)
st(75), thr(8d+2), sw(9d)
st(80), thr(9d), sw(9d+2)
st(85), thr(9d+2), sw(10d)
st(90), thr(10d), sw(10d+2)
st(95), thr(10d+2), sw(11d)

st(100), thr(11d), sw(11d+2)

//   The LAST item in the list is always the item that is to be used
//   for anything that didn't fall under the preceding items.

st(0), thr((@int(ST:Striking ST/10)+1)d), sw((@int(ST:Striking ST/10)+1)d+2)

//   you must use the extra set of parens to separate the math part
//   from the 'd' for the dice.
If that's right, I've now got a Variant file for it that I can include in future updates.
The variant appeared in the "Knowing your own Strength" rule in Pyramid 3/83. The table is on page 17. Your code above seems to be spot on. Thank you very much

It brings two more questions.

1) Would it be possible to fill the gaps in the damage table (not only this one but the standard one as well). The progression in GCA strictly follows the damage table in the Basic Set (damage increase every +1 ST up to 40, then every +5 ST up to 100, then every +10 ST). Rightly or wrongly, I always inferred that the table was a short hand but the progression was continuous and therefore ST 63 would provide thr 7d, Sw 9d+1. I think (I could be wrong) it should be the base case and not a variant. Otherwise, I guess I could create a data file for it based on your example above.

2) Looking at your code above, it made realize I could create a variant to follow the KYOS damage table but I am wondering how to create a variant to change the Basic Lift progression.
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