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Default Re: A Character keeps crashing GCA and other requests

Originally Posted by Armin View Post
2) You'd need to create a data file with the custom [BASICDAMAGE] rules. Someone may have done that already, but I don't seem to have a Variant file for it, so I'm not sure. (I should probably just make one and include it.)
Question: I'm not sure I've ever read where the idea of this progression comes from. Does it continue to use Xd+1 = Yd-1 and Xd+2 = Yd? or does it eschew that to use Xd+1 = Yd+3 and Xd+2 = Yd+4?

If the first, how does this look?

//   Starting this section will clear any existing 
//   basic damage items.
//   You must list the following items in order, because
//   GCA will not sort them, but it does search through
//   them in order.
//   st() is the score that Damage Base must be <= 
//   thr() is the basic thrust damage
//   sw() is the basic swing damage

st(1), thr(1d-6), sw(1d-4)
st(2), thr(1d-6), sw(1d-4)
st(3), thr(1d-5), sw(1d-3)
st(4), thr(1d-5), sw(1d-3)
st(5), thr(1d-4), sw(1d-2)

st(6), thr(1d-4), sw(1d-2)
st(7), thr(1d-3), sw(1d-1)
st(8), thr(1d-3), sw(1d-1)
st(9), thr(1d-2), sw(1d)
st(10), thr(1d-2), sw(1d)

st(11), thr(1d-1), sw(1d+1)
st(12), thr(1d-1), sw(1d+1)
st(13), thr(1d), sw(1d+2)
st(14), thr(1d), sw(1d+2)
st(15), thr(1d+1), sw(2d-1)

st(16), thr(1d+1), sw(2d-1)
st(17), thr(1d+2), sw(2d)
st(18), thr(1d+2), sw(2d)
st(19), thr(2d-1), sw(2d+1)
st(20), thr(2d-1), sw(2d+1)

st(21), thr(2d), sw(2d+2)
st(22), thr(2d), sw(2d+2)
st(23), thr(2d+1), sw(3d-1)
st(24), thr(2d+1), sw(3d-1)
st(25), thr(2d+2), sw(3d)

st(26), thr(2d+2), sw(3d)
st(27), thr(3d-1), sw(3d+1)
st(28), thr(3d-1), sw(3d+1)
st(29), thr(3d), sw(3d+2)
st(30), thr(3d), sw(3d+2)

st(31), thr(3d+1), sw(4d-1)
st(32), thr(3d+1), sw(4d-1)
st(33), thr(3d+2), sw(4d)
st(34), thr(3d+2), sw(4d)
st(35), thr(4d-1), sw(4d+1)

st(36), thr(4d-1), sw(4d+1)
st(37), thr(4d), sw(4d+2)
st(38), thr(4d), sw(4d+2)
st(39), thr(4d+1), sw(5d-1)

st(40), thr(4d+1), sw(5d-1)
st(45), thr(5d), sw(5d+2)
st(50), thr(5d+2), sw(6d)
st(55), thr(6d), sw(6d+2)
st(60), thr(7d-1), sw(7d+1)
st(65), thr(7d+1), sw(8d-1)
st(70), thr(8d), sw(8d+2)
st(75), thr(8d+2), sw(9d)
st(80), thr(9d), sw(9d+2)
st(85), thr(9d+2), sw(10d)
st(90), thr(10d), sw(10d+2)
st(95), thr(10d+2), sw(11d)

st(100), thr(11d), sw(11d+2)

//   The LAST item in the list is always the item that is to be used
//   for anything that didn't fall under the preceding items.

st(0), thr((@int(ST:Striking ST/10)+1)d), sw((@int(ST:Striking ST/10)+1)d+2)

//   you must use the extra set of parens to separate the math part
//   from the 'd' for the dice.
If that's right, I've now got a Variant file for it that I can include in future updates.
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