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Default Re: A Character keeps crashing GCA and other requests

Originally Posted by DreadDomain View Post
My main question here is what do I do if a character keeps crashing GCA (beyond starting it from scratch)?

A bit of context:

I have been building Iron Man with a mix of Ultra-Tech and Powers and things have been running quite smoothly (over many days). The character is about 95% complete, both the spring bandit sheets and the official sheets are setup and I am now thinking of tweaking further. I click on an ability (don't know which one) and GCA crashes.

I start it again, can open another character I have done, can create a new character but everytime I try to open Iron Man, it crashes. What do I need to do to save my work? I have taken a screenshot of the crash message.
Sounds like you may have entered some kind of data that's invalid but isn't trapped for yet and therefore crashes GCA. Or maybe there's bad data in a book file that got added to the character, and that now crashes things. Either way, that can be hard to figure out.

Email the character to me at and I will do my best to figure out what the problem is and get it back to you in working order. And maybe add a way to trap for the problem in GCA so it doesn't happen in the future.

Originally Posted by DreadDomain View Post
Side questions:

1) Is there a variant/option to limit the per die bonus of some abilities? I believe an optional rule (I can't find in which book it was now) is to limit the +1 per die bonus at +7 and the +2 per die bonus at +14.
2) Is there a way to change swing damage to just being thr+2?
1) I'm not familiar with that, so no, there's no built in way. It might need to be built into the way they grant bonuses. For example, the way Weapon Master's damage bonus is constructed could include a maximum value of some kind, but doesn't.

2) You'd need to create a data file with the custom [BASICDAMAGE] rules. Someone may have done that already, but I don't seem to have a Variant file for it, so I'm not sure. (I should probably just make one and include it.)
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