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Default A Character keeps crashing GCA and other requests

My main question here is what do I do if a character keeps crashing GCA (beyond starting it from scratch)?

A bit of context:

I have been building Iron Man with a mix of Ultra-Tech and Powers and things have been running quite smoothly (over many days). The character is about 95% complete, both the spring bandit sheets and the official sheets are setup and I am now thinking of tweaking further. I click on an ability (don't know which one) and GCA crashes.

I start it again, can open another character I have done, can create a new character but everytime I try to open Iron Man, it crashes. What do I need to do to save my work? I have taken a screenshot of the crash message.

Side questions:

1) Is there a variant/option to limit the per die bonus of some abilities? I believe an optional rule (I can't find in which book it was now) is to limit the +1 per die bonus at +7 and the +2 per die bonus at +14.
2) Is there a way to change swing damage to just being thr+2?

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