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Default Re: Questionable Power Builds

Originally Posted by Refplace View Post

Posession (No memory -10%, maximum duration 30 seconds -75%, specialized Humans -20%, Telecontrol +50%, psi -10%) [35/5=7]

That is prefty hefty but one thing makes me ok with it. You cant use it again for five minutes.
It occurs to me that possibly after using it the alternatives shouldn't be available for five minutes. I'm not 100% sure about that, but it sounds right.

Originally Posted by DangerousThing View Post
I question some of your limitations:

Specialized, humans, -20%
Cannot influence emotions?
Those are actually from the psionic powers book, and the specialized, humans was originally -40%, not -20%. I scaled it back myself already.

And a max duration of 30 seconds in combat is plenty. It is definitely not a -75% limitation. I wouldn't bet on this pawn surviving for seven seconds after he starts shooting his friends in the back.
Originally Posted by Ulzgoroth View Post
How can you see Possession qualifying as "Beneficial"? ("Usually on" seems a stretch too.)

I'd agree that maximum duration is a meaningful limitation for Possession, but that doesn't mean that the specific Maximum Duration limitation you're using is appropriate.
My thought was that the "Typical" Use of possession is the assumption of bodies, identities, and memories. That's primarily beneficial, especially from the character's point of view: using it to kill someone is usually a waste of points. Assuming someone's body or identity for 30 seconds is of limited utility outside of a fight, while the ability to do it for days at a time is a classic and terrifying horror theme.

The Base advantage actually kills you if you let your host die, so using it to acquire pawns in the midst of combat is a somewhat niche use.

Of course, I just realized that possession requires touch, which means that upgrading it to typical mind-control ranges costs a TON of points.

Anyone have any idea how to make taking control of an enemy soldier for a few seconds cost around [50] points and not give them a chance to break free every single round? (though I suppose I could just embrace the constant rolls to break free and assume the mind controller will have skill advantage most of the time, and that I only wanted a few seconds of control anyways)
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