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Default Re: Questionable Power Builds

Originally Posted by Refplace View Post
I strongly favor alternative abilities, and note that both Sorcery and Divine Favor are pretty much built around it.
Yeah, I really like alternative abilities as well. I'm just conflicted when its multiple versions of the same power. Your reaction does help though.

Reduced or Maximum Duration seems ok on Mind Control or Possession, I'd want to see the build.
Right now the "Traitor Maker" Package looks like this:

Mind Control (suggestion 5) (Rationalization +20%, cannot influence emmotions -10%, psi -10%) [50]
Posession (No memory -10%, maximum duration 30 seconds -75%, specialized Humans -20%, Telecontrol +50%, psi -10%) [35/5=7]
Mental Surgery (one minute) [33/5 = 7]
Obscure fits mechanically, not if you go by the fluff but in GURPS you get what you pay for and the fluff is very adjustable, its the mechanics that have real meaning. The fluff is more about how to justify something fitting a concept. If Its based on Mind Control I would probably add the Glamour limitation.
The Obscure is for a TK character, not a mind controller. I'm looking at making around 10 packages players can pick from quickly, because building 100 points of powers, talents, and supporting skills from scratch is hard, especially on a time crunch. The Bullets are being deflected, so their motion is changed, the TK is just increasing the angle by which they miss his dead center.
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