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Default Re: Munchkin Adventure Time: Backpack Too Overpowered

I would agree that the Backpack is seriously overpowered...but of course I still lost the game when I had it (mostly because I just couldn't seem to draw a Monster). It seems like one or the other of its effects would make for a good card, but both together is pretty insane.

While it is true that you often can play stuff to the table, so you don't necessarily NEED to be able to hold a ton of stuff in your hand, the fact that, with the Backpack in play, the stuff in your hand is practically impossible to lose for any reason is pretty good reason to keep anything you aren't currently using in your hand. If you played it to the table, so many more things could make you lose it.

Ah well, it is a fun card, all the same. I certainly enjoyed having it. (Had I ever been able to draw monsters, it would have been extra useful by allowing me to stockpile monsters to Look For Trouble with, too).
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