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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

From another supers game:
Kari (a radiation super): You mess with other girls, you get a black eye. You mess with me and you get lukemia.

From a different supers game:
Female player #1 (in character): "Boy, I bet his (piece of male anatomy) is so long you could tie it in a knot."
Female player #2 (also in character): "Or maybe in a bow."
Me (completely out of character): "Could he throw it over his shoulder like a continental soldier?"

From a completely different supers game:
Me (as briefing officer): "According to our calculations, with the current decay in the moon's orbit, it will collide with the Earth in three-hundred days."
Female Character: "What are we going to do?"
Male Character (to Female Character): "Yeah, three-hundred days doesn't give us much time to raise a family."

From the supers game, directly above:
Me (As "corrections" officer for the team): "No, Running Gag, you cannot leave the facility. You're here because we can't trust you, in public, by yourself."
Running Gag (a were-coyote): "BUT! I GOTTA GO WALKIES!"
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