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Default Re: [High-Tech] Military Equipment: Global War on Terror edition

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
I don't have that issue so I can't tell you if this is right but unless the 30mm there is pretty explicitly the GAU-7 it's not. The GAU-7 is a unique weapon with barrels twice as long as common 30mms and it uses those long barrels to fire also unique full caliber DU rounds that weigh twice as much as normal 30mm rounds.

I believe there may have been a 3e write up but without much looking I can't tell you where. I may also just have seen Hans give stats for it once.

But if your stats are for the 30mm from the AH-64 Apache of just for a "generic" 30mm the GAU-7 is a much more formidable weapon.
Stats for the GAU-8/A are here. This thread also has a lot of further information.


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