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Default DFRPG Summer Workshop

As some of you know, for the past few years, I've offered a DFRPG activity at my middle school. This club continues to go well, but I've long dreamt of taking this to the next level. Our school offers summer enrichment workshops on a wide variety of topics. Many of them fit into traditional academic areas (reading, writing, mathematics, etc.). Others are more tenuously connected to the core curriculum, including things like candy making, building robots, designing board games, and creating movies. I just turned in a proposal this morning for a week-long summer workshop for students who want to learn how to play DFRPG.

Our first hurdle is to get approved by the administration. After submitting my proposal, the first reply concerned the correct spelling of roleplaying (roleplaying vs. role-playing). I see this as a good sign that we haven't been denied outright. I am hopeful that we'll make it to the next stage. The most important question, of course, will be to find out if families will pay for a week of RPG camp. I'll report back in this thread as our plans evolve.

In the meantime, if you had a chance to run a five-day, 93 pm, workshop on DFRPG (intended for students entering grades 79), what would you include? Or, imagine that you're a young beginner: what would you hope to encounter?
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