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Default Re: Emerging smokepowder weapons in my fantasy

Originally Posted by martinl View Post
Are you sure humans shouldn't be on that list?
Not from a human perspective. Races which breed faster than us and compete for the same resources are a danger, but other humans can be tolerated.

Orcs, on the other hand, would eventually overwhelm the human race. In a war, most likely, but even if the races were to find perfect peace and harmony, humans would become a tiny minority within a few generations.

Originally Posted by martinl View Post
Also - it seems to me the only reasonable route for mass smokepowder use would involve cheaper powder, which requires cheaper ingredients, which means you can probably sucker your players into trying to ranch beholders or some such. Now there's a sadistic GM's dream...

I know that at least one player empathically does not want smokepowder weapons to be widespread. His character likes individual combat, skill at arms, honour, glory and all that jazz.

Another doesn't really care if the weapons are viable, as long as he can sell them for high prices to military planners. He can get both weapons and powder more cheaply than the prices that are current in their area, so if there's any interest, he stands to profit. If the weapons end up being white elephants, well, he'll have moved on to selling something else.

The rest of the players don't have an opinion that I'm aware of on the matter. Well, other than not minding at all if the merchant PC who functions as the executive director for their company brings in a juicy contract that means they see more dividends.
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