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Default Re: The Unoffial 2056 Vehicle Guide

Originally Posted by MIB 1473
It's extremely vulnerable to rams and needs to be kept far away from spikes and flame sources, but for a Division 5 it's not too bad.

Pest: Light Trike; Standard chassis; Heavy suspension; Medium Cycle PP; 3 Hvy Duty tires. Driver; Gunner. Micromissile Launcher w/20xArmor Piercing L; Micromissile Launcher w/20xArmor Piercing R; Junk Dropper w/10xDebris. Link. 52 pts. Plastic (F: 14 R: 11 L: 11 B: 10 T: 2 U: 4); 2xFake Hubs F; 2xFake Guards F. Cost: $4,830, Wgt: 1,599, HC: 2, Top Speed: 97.5, Accel: 5.
Like the name - it was my nickname at school ! BUT unless the MML's were meant to have 10 shots each , your design is illegal ! With 20 shots , they'd need a magazine each and that would put 10 spaces of equipment into an 8 space trike ! Swap Gunner and MMLs for a single AP RL Left or Right , CA around Driver and JD and some extra armor . Leave $150 and 20lbs for a PFE - a must in a Div 5 FT happy arena !
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